Three Reasons Why Your Blog Site Has Fewer Visitors Than You Would Like

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One of the most painful things about blogging is the lack of visitors. You work hard on your blog and you want your articles to be read. And not just by your mother. Do you feel that you stay away visitors? Please read this article here before you throw the towel in the ring.

1. You have nothing to offer

Okay, that might sound a little blunt, but let me explain. Your visitors are selfish. After reading your blog they want to feel they have become better by learning something. You need to look very critically at your articles and ask yourself if it is of any interest to your visitors. Do they have something to share or like? If the answer is no, I am afraid that this may be a reason why your visitors stay away.

The problem lies in my opinion, especially in the articles that are personal in nature are quite popular. Let me just give an example, every week I see some personal trips photos posted on blogs, so can you find all of them equally interesting? Of course not, why do you care that some blogger X on Tuesday had breakfast at some island and on Sunday lay down on the couch with the cat.

That kind of personal items work only if you already have a relationship with your visitors. So if they follow you all happy and interested in you. Do not have so many followers? Make sure you like where you provide something visitors happy. For example, a good tip where you can shop cheaply, a DIY or a funny story.

Ask yourself the following two things when you write an article:

  1. Who do I write this article for?
  2. What can that person get from this article?

The first question makes you think about your target audience, in other words, the people you want to appeal to your blog. The second question you need to ask yourself is if they have find something in the article. Give them a hint that where they can save money with it, or tell them something they can learn from?  Keep in mind that they have to be better in one way or another.

Of course it’s not a disaster if you occasionally a very personal article shares with no value added (I do myself!), But you do this too often then chances are that you drain visitors.

2. Your blog has no focus

A mistake I often see people make is that they want to appeal to too many people. Not only among bloggers though. You might think that you attract more visitors if you write about different kinds of issues, but nothing is true.

My focus on this blog is that I think clear. I blog about blogging. It would be weird if tomorrow I suddenly place a review on a makeup product. In fact, I’m sure there are those visitors who will not visit anymore if I do so. And honestly, why are you here? Likely to learn about blogging.

Try to look for a focus. I know you have many interests and choosing is hard (really, I did too), but believe me when I tell you that it is not good for your visitors as you go about anything and some blogs. You can actually write about various topics, as all of them have anything in common. For example, sustainability or student life.

Because I know how difficult it can be to choose a focus, I need to have to write a separate article on this.

3. You are inconsistent

Bloggers are not too often active, they sometimes do not post for weeks or sometimes even for months. I call them mayflies. If you are not constantly posting to your blog then you cannot build any connection with your visitors. And if they have no reason to check regularly what you have published, they will eventually forget.

Try to update your blog regularly. And if you are serious about blogging then you can even post every day. That seems quite a challenge, but it is not that hard if you plan well.

Of course that’s quite a challenge. If you want to blog to often then it requires good planning, a list of ideas and discipline. If you are looking for a way to plan your blogs then you could use any free blog planner. There are also very useful apps that can help you in this. Personally, I like to use Buffer. I use it mainly to check messages from my Facebook page. If I forward work plan with Buffer Message for Facebook than I do not need to share a new article every morning. It saves time and effort.

So you have it all from my side for now.

Hopefully you have got these tips! Do not hesitate to share in the comments, perhaps I can help you further in your own struggles! 


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