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Affiliate marketing has taken the world by storm and people are rushing into it and making sure they do not miss out. This online money making frenzy has however lead to a huge flooding of the market. Everyone is selling and no one is buying, well maybe that is an exaggeration a bit but at least that’s what it feels like when you promote an affiliate product but don’t get any sells. In fact it has arrived at a stage whereby promoters are now spamming heavily just to make a few sales. This has made it even worse for newbies who want to get into the system and make some money too. Michael Cheney’s The Commission Machine guarantees that affiliate marketers make money online without too much of hustle, this includes even newbies themselves.

The commission machine is an incredible formula for affiliate marketing enthusiast who want to make money online without too much hustle. In fact it is a 100% guaranteed success strategy that has seen a lot of people who apply it make more than 100 times what they used to make before.

The formula was invented by the affiliate guru Michael Cheney based on his strategy that he developed from when he started making money online, rising up the food chain to become the number one affiliate seller in the whole world. So based his personal experience, Michael developed a fool proof method that ensures making sells and making good commission.

The commission machine has helped a lot of people who were struggling with making sells online or converting clicks into buys. The concept is so easy to follow and apply that even a new seller with zero background knowledge of affiliate marketing can easily copy and apply the system within minutes then sit back and watch the results unfold.

Today, many people who properly copied Michael and applied the commission machine have made loads and loads of money. Some do not even work on the affiliate marketing product that long, just a few good hours a day are enough to make huge returns. The way it works is simple and easy to follow for anyone interested.

What exactly is the commission machine and what does it do? Let’s check this affiliate marketing course.

The commission machine is a training program by Michael Cheney that helps affiliate marketers make sells and earn good commission. The training program in the form of light-hearted and easy to follow video tutorial. In the videos, Michael explains and teaches his affiliate strategy with such a friendly tone that viewers immediately feel captivated and at home.

Michael uses clever humor to make the watching experience so fun you will not even feel like you are learning anything but when the results kick in its breathtaking. In the videos Michael lets people into his golden secret that has made him the number one product seller in the online world. When followed correctly, users will learn:

  • How to get load of click from free traffic and convert them into sales
  • The most common affiliate mistake and how to make sure you avoid them at all costs
  • How to pick the right promo products that lead to the right bank account balance
  • How affiliate gurus design their promos and get noticed, these are simply ways that even a newbie can apply
  • Why it’s important not to mention or discuss affiliate products and services in the promotional material
  • Make sells from sites like Facebook without ever spending money on adverts
  • Smart ways used by leading affiliate marketing masters to get sells from simple links
  • How to pick and join affiliate contests you are guaranteed of winning
  • How to make more money by entering a contest, selling a product, get commission and win a bonus from being the best seller.
  • The best way to get your product noticed without annoying the buyers and make more money than other affiliates promoting the same product.
Affiliate Marketing Course
The Commission Machine

Pros and Cons of using The Commission Machine


  • It is easy to follow, copy and implement
  • Loads of different ideas to get creative in marketing.
  • Professional strategies for not only email marketing but also for social and blog posts.
  • Yields results almost immediately
  • Does not take long to complete the training
  • Impressive customer support
  • 100% Money back guarantee within the first 30 days of use


  • The major con about this product is that Michael emphasizes that users have to copy the whole strategy as it is meaning it is not customizable to better suite ones needs, it’s a ride or burst kind of situation.
  • There are no PDF’s for the training. Everything is being shown on videos. The videos are great done, however it would have been nice to get some PDF’s so that you don’t have to take so many notes yourself.
  • No Traffic or list building strategies are included.

So in the video training, Michael explains step by step what you need to do, what you need to avoid and how to apply all this in a way that will revolutionize your bank account. From the very first minute of applying the training you can instantly feel the difference and smell success. In fact the commission machine is so fool proof that Michael Cheney guarantees success to anyone who uses and applies it correctly.

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