How To Use Social Media Marketing To Build Your Business

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is gaining more market share in the total advertising budget of companies. Hiring a social media marketing agency is something companies will do more and more. This is not surprising because in relation to search engine optimization you can separate keyword-targeted useful responding to interests and specific target groups. These sites may also be useful to respond to current events (people read more increasingly the news on social media compared to a few years ago) so very fast results can be achieved.

Social Media Marketing

In addition, a high level of interaction on your ads. So you can very quickly find out how your audience reacts to your product or service. Finally, the costs can be much lower than other online marketing or traditional offline channels. This is of course entirely dependent on the type of product or service and the target audience. Moreover, it is good to report that Social Media Marketing in particular is used to create awareness. A Facebook or LinkedIn campaign before a search engine marketing campaign is launched can significantly contribute to conversion. It is therefore important to know if it is effective to work with a social media marketing agency while keeping your goals in mind.

Finally, Social Media be reused again to retargeting visitors from search campaigns with social media. In the image below you can see which channels are effective in what phases of the purchase process. Along with Mark Strasburg and your personal social media marketer we can come to you out of Social Media Marketing is a great alternative or addition to the online marketing strategy.

Social Media Marketing for B2B

Online marketing in the B2B sector is generally more difficult than the B2C market. Search volumes are often lower, and the actual target is to reach more difficult (influencers and decision makers). In addition, companies who offer their business services or products sometimes have trouble getting the right clicks because individuals also search for these keywords. Think for example of a cleaning company that only focuses on the business market. A social media marketing agency can provide a solution here.

Mainly LinkedIn is a powerful solution. There may in fact be very focused advertised by owners of a company or employees that affect the decision making process. It does not take away that networks like Twitter and Facebook can be effective. A director might by itself does not go so quick search on Google for a new cleaning company or energy supplier. However, a message can be effectively brought to the attention through these social media channels at times when the target instance even sit on Facebook. Because the goal is to create awareness for your product or service, it is important to do this in the proper context.

Social Media Marketing for B2C

Social Media Marketing has to offer many advantages for the B2C online marketing. As previously indicated, this can be very effectively targeted to interests, costs are lower and, in many cases it can be obtained a lot of feedback within a short period of time about the content of the marketing message. Another advantage is that social media channels can be linked together thereby spread a message with one button press in all relevant channels. These factors provide a broad basis for effective marketing campaigns. The great advantage is that the awareness is created, and at the same time feedback is collected from how a product or service is received. However, it is very important to use the right channels and the timing should also right. In order to carry out a successful campaign  there must be a clear plan of action.

To clarify the differences between the various social media channels and how to put that in, we further outlined main channels below:

Facebook Marketing

Advertising on Facebook is very interesting because it is simply the channel with the most users. Facebook has 1.7 billion users in the world. These are 6.8 million daily users on Facebook. Having a Facebook page with a lot of likes and interactions is therefore almost impossible to imagine in an online profile. Moreover, it is to build a strong profile cost technically very interesting. The more likes and interactions with the Facebook page, the greater the range of actions or marketing messages you spread through Facebook. What Facebook is particularly useful is that those who have liked your page will see your message well beyond their timeline. For example, your selling posts quickly contact the right people with no advertising costs. Moreover, these people (hopefully) not for nothing liked your page. So they have already indicated your product / service or business in general like it. So, you directly reach your target audience.

Advertising on Facebook

Advertising on Facebook offers several important advantages. Firstly, it is good to know that you can target very specific. The possible criteria are listed below:

  • location targeting
  • ages
  • Sex
  • languages
  • Areas of Interest and hobbies
  • Marital status, and even what the age of the children
  • educational programs
  • Connections on Facebook (which pages they like, how many friends, etc.)

You can also obtain a lot of information through the Audience Insights for example what pages your target audience like.

Further, it can also be measured very well that what were the results of the previous ad campaign. So you can see which groups have worked better than others based on the number of conversions. Finally, it is a good addition to Google AdWords, because the costs are in some cases lower. Again, it is important to mention that it is very dependent on the type of service or product and the target audience for this. In addition, we see conversions from Facebook campaigns, but the goal is to create more awareness in order to increase the effectiveness of SEO / SEA campaigns or improve purchasing propensity.

LinkedIn Marketing

Marketing through LinkedIn is a very effective way to get qualified traffic to your website. Facebook and Twitter win when it comes to sharing posts and visual media LinkedIn is the largest source of social (business) transactions. This is very interesting because as previously described LinkedIn just may well be used for B2B marketing. Writing interesting articles focused on your target group (decision makers) can effectively bring your product or service to the attention. As a social media marketing agency, we have highly effective campaigns supported.

By broach issues followed by innovative solutions can properly value your business to the attention. Compared to Facebook LinkedIn users are also be interested in business news and industry knowledge. Consequently, the attention of the user more and the message will be better received.

Advertising on LinkedIn

The biggest advantage of advertising on LinkedIn is that you can target job title and the industry in which the user works. You can also choose the place for message in specific groups so that the marketing message is always relevant to the interests of users. The cost of advertising on LinkedIn may have high failure, in some cases, but the range is always much more effective because you can actually target C level. This click prices can of course be higher than targeted at trainee level, but there are chances that it does greatly increases conversion on large orders. Again, everything stands or falls with the type of product or service and the target audience for this. LinkedIn is a very effective way to create awareness among the decision makers. Search campaigns aimed at the business market have beautiful figures when they are supported by LinkedIn campaigns.

Other Social Media Marketing Channels

In addition to Facebook and LinkedIn, there are many other channels with which it is interesting to advertise. Just a good combination of multiple channels gives an opportunity to spread the right message through multiple channels at the right time. For more information about effective social media marketing campaign you can contact. Social Media Marketing Agency will determine which strategy is best for your business and target audience. Get in touch with your personal social media marketer.


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