6 Link Building Tips To Super Charge Your SERP Rankings

Link Building Tips

Once you learn what link building is, find the right words to use, analyze the competition and find the opportunities, and then you will get your hands on the masses.

In this post, we will go through 6 link building tips that can be applied right now.

Link Building Tips to guide you:

1 – Guest Posting

As the name already says, is to post on a blog of another person or company as a guest. This tactic has been and is still widely used by many professionals and agencies. At first, it was a rush of emails being sent with generic texts asking for a guest post or being even more direct, asking for a link on the blog. After a few years, Google has understood this dynamic and often fights against this type of spam.

But today it is possible to make this tactic work. Instead of sending emails to every opportunity you’ve found, the focus is on the search for quality sites and building relationships in a few minutes. Enter the blog, leave comments, interact with the public of that blog, follow the blog and the author on Twitter, give RT’s in important tweets, follow it on Facebook, follow the posts carefully and interact. Offline events are also perfect for this approach. If you have any skills that can help in any way, offer your help without asking for anything in return.

Over time and when this relationship is improving, you can suggest writing a post about some opinions that relate to the blog. Put some links inside this post, including your need (taking care of the anchor text, being natural as we indicated earlier) and wait for the blogger’s review. Remember to write unique and high-quality content, interesting to the audience in it and not a promotion of your company.

If your post is published, do not stop maintaining the relationship with the author; continue interacting and maybe you don’t put a link to it on your blog as well? You can be born some partner, professional contact or business with the simple idea of a guest post.

One important thing is to NEVER offer money in exchange for a link. This is highly dangerous and goes 100% against Google’s policies. Genuine, value-seeking relationships work because they are good for everyone: the user, Google, your business, and the other site.

Link Building Strategies

2- Co-Marketing

What is Co-Marketing and how to use it to amplify your results? This is a very good strategy. Getting links with Co-Marketing does not exactly go against Google’s policies. They are simply two companies acting together to distribute some rich material such as, a webinar or eBooks. Co-Marketing has worked very well for all sides involved.

3 – Infographics

Infographics work extremely well for backlink generation. We have already used it a few times, and we have achieved good results. How do they work to generate backlinks? After creating the info graphic, leave an “embed” code at the end and send the info graphic post to subscribers of your feed or newsletter. It will be disseminated naturally if it is of high quality and with relevant information. If you already have a relationship with a site this can be an advantage, you can count on a quick email address indicating the content. But creating an info graphic is expensive, right? Not really. There are some sites for creating free info graphics. Set up and test with the audience that will interact with this type of post. The most famous of them is the Infogr.am.

4 – Social Media

You may be thinking “But Google said that social media has no impact on organic search.” This is not entirely accurate. Firstly, because there are correlation tests that indicate that social media makes a difference to SEO and your site as a whole. Matt Cutts himself (Google Anti-Spam Chief) has said that links on Twitter, for example, count as a link like any other. Just as you might imagine that a +1 on your Google Plus page or your article should have a significant weight for the ranking of your pages.

Now even if these links don’t have a very large direct impact (correlation tests don’t necessarily indicate the cause), there is at least one indirect impact. Imagine that you have made the content of the highest quality with depth and valuable information. This has generated hundreds or even thousands of shares, people accessing your site and interacting with the post in the comments. That would be great, right?

This is the impact of Social Media, thousands of people talking about the same subject, tens or hundreds of blogs creating backlinks for your article, shares of all parties, Facebook, Twitter and whatever is possible. And what about the metrics on your page? The bounce rate decreases, it gains authority for the subject in question, gets backlinks that help in the strength of the domain and not just the page, and when you realize, several other pages have gained strength and rankings in Google rankings. There is rather a correlation with the number of social shares with the number of backlinks won by each of these articles. And quoting Neil Patel “Many SEO analysts say you should earn your links naturally. I agree, but that doesn’t mean that people will find great content out of thin air, you need to be there actively promoting it”. Sponsor your Facebook posts, post on Twitter and where else makes sense. Be active in distributing this content.

5 – Grow Naturally And With High-Quality Content

We are assiduous practitioners of Inbound Marketing, and we have several posts about it: it’s all our company philosophy and how we base our content day to day. Our philosophy is to attract people to use our software or our services without being actively behind them, but by making them come to us with their problems and difficulties through our content and our knowledge. It’s not easy to get to that point; it takes time and a lot of effort, but it’s worth it. Today our growth is based on our articles and the people who are interested in what we do here, without pushing a service that they don’t need or aren’t interested in.

This has led us to conquer many backlinks naturally. Our biggest link-building asset is quality content that people are interested in sharing with their world. Briefly, he says that all the efforts we have at the beginning of a business to get him to turn and walk alone are worth it. He even gives some examples of how this applies to digital marketing.

6 – Press Releases

This strategy is part of the future of link building. If your company can hire or maintain a press office, it’s time to use it for link building work. Press offices always have contact with the largest portals and blogs in the target market. Moreover, they know best one how to fit the company in the most appropriate formats for each channel. As we speak, brand strength has been an increasingly important factor and the appearance on large vehicles, even without the link, can help a lot. Use this strategy to launch important products, news relevant to your niche, events, and so on. The cost may be a bit high, but the return is proportional or greater.

link building tips


Well, if you got here you might be thinking, “Ok, I read and learned about link building, but in the end, is it worth it or not?” The answer is: it’s very worth it! Although it is labor intensive and with relatively high cost of resources and time, it is still an excellent strategy to accelerate your SEO results and further increase your sales and organic visits. Link building is evolving every day, and we always have to keep an eye out for Google updates, punishments, and new ideas to get those links. If you have any questions, suggestions or criticism, leave a comment below, and I will respond as soon as possible. This kind of interaction only gives us strength to grow together. To the next!


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