5 Latest Link Building Techniques to Boost Your Website Ranking on Search Engines

Link Building Techniques

For every business and campaign with a website or online page, the ultimate goal is to appear high up on search engines like Google as possible. High rankings on search engine results pages boost a website’s visibility, increases the amount of traffic coming to the website, which then leads to high conversions for sales. In order to rank high on search engines, search engine optimization (SEO) needs to be performed on the website and its content. Part of optimizing the website for high search engine ranking includes various link building strategies.

Many websites and companies use back links and forward links to add more value to their sites and provide a quality browsing experience to their readers. Bloggers and affiliates can also benefit from using different link building strategies to boost their website ranking and position on search engines. If you are looking for ways to boost your online visibility then you are reading the right article, we will walk you through 5 latest link building techniques to boost your website ranking on Search Engines like Google.

Types of backlinking

Link building techniques for high rankings on search engine results pages

Before we talk in depth about the different link building strategies that can be used as part of SEO to boost website ranking, we need to understand the roles of links on a website.

Link building is a way to provide authority and reference on a particular topic and as well as promoting a website depending on how it is used. For example, to provide a reference on some facts or to simply provide more information on a certain notion, outgoing links may be incorporated within the content of a website. These outgoing links have to be heading towards a reputable source so as to provide more value to the reader. To increase a website’s visibility and credibility, backlinks from authority or reputable websites may be used.

The more reputable the source of the link is, the higher a website will score on the search engine algorithm and therefore rank higher when other factors have been considered as well.

  1. Building back links by asking Social backlinks

If you are a beginner in Search Engine Optimization and linking building strategies, you can start by just asking for back links. Remember backlinks from reputable websites and authority websites in your niche will preform better than backlinks from a less reputable website or new websites. So you can start by identifying the different types of backlinks that you need for your website or blog, once have this figured out you can begin to seek out backlinks from the people that surround you. It is easier to start with people that you already know these could be family members or friend that own websites and blogs. Only pick the ones that have sites that are more reputable than yours then move on to friends of a friend etc. Approach your colleagues, work mates and other contacts that you may have.

After exhausting your personal and professional circles you can then approach some authority bloggers from high-quality backlinks. This is one of the most used the current link building strategies, it is called authority stacking. It involves racking up a good number of high-quality backlinks from authority websites and bloggers. This is a very important factor when it comes to search engine rankings. You see, search engines like google have sites that they trust for any search performed. They will naturally recommend these sites that they trust above all other sites, then they follow by ranking any other sites that may be associated with these trusted sites of theirs. Imagine how many good points your site would score by authority stacking high-quality backlinks from super trusted sites. Admittedly, it is extremely difficult to get these kind of backlinks but it is not difficult, you just have to continue asking and approaching authority sites until you get positive responses.

  1. Social backlinks

As you continue to read through this piece, you will discover that there are many types of backlinking methods that you can effectively apply to your search engine optimization strategies in order to score high rankings whenever a search performed. One of the most common and high performing link building techniques currently is social backlinks. Google, the leading search engine values social presence as it directly attributes this to the public. As such, social backlinks that come from Facebook pages, twitter, pin interest and other social pages tend to score really well with Google’s ranking algorithm. However, the social accounts linking to your site need to be genuine, active and trusted accounts. Consequently, getting social backlinks from new accounts, blacklisted accounts, ghost accounts etc. will have a negative effect on your rankings.

To gain high-quality social backlinks to boost your search engine ranking, you need to first develop great and engaging content that is worth sharing. Engaging content will score you organic backlinks from genuine readers who link back to your site from their social pages. In addition to these organic social backlinks, you can also solicit some backlinks directly from leading social pages and accounts within your niche. The more relevant the social account that is linking back to your website is, the better your ranking will be when the search engines rank your site.

  1. Build good online relationships

Another great way to build links back to your website is to cultivate and maintain a good online relationship with fellow webmasters and bloggers. This can be achieved by participating in relevant forums, discussions, and debates. Comment on other blogger’s posts and become known. Develop relationships with other readers and follow authority figures on your social sites. Above all, you should provide back links to other bloggers even if they do not link back to your site.

  1. Reciprocal backlinking

This used to be a very powerful and easy way of getting backlinks but many bloggers abused the technique and as such search engines altered their algorithms to provide more scrutiny on reciprocal backlinking. However, even though it does not score as many points with search engines as it used to back in the day, reciprocal is still a great way of scoring some reputable backlinks. To make these back links count and not backfire on you, always limit the number of reciprocal backlinks that you use. Focus on trading backlinks with bloggers that share the same niche as you. If you can trade with already established sites that are even better. Reciprocal backlinks are meant to help you find your bearing and get started, do not use them for authority stacking or other related techniques as this could backfire and hurt your ranking instead.

  1. Give testimonials

There are many trusted websites that are always on the look out for user based testimonials on their products and services. Find such websites within your niche and sign up to provide testimonials for their product or service that is linked to your niche. For every testimony that you give, these websites and companies will link back to your website as a way of proving that the testimony is actually real. As a result, you score quality backlinks from well-established sites just by giving a testimonial.

There are many other white hat link building techniques that can be applied to boost your website ranking on search engines. The 5 strategies that we discussed above offer you the best and most genuine chance of building quality links. These strategies will not hurt your rankings or negatively affect your position if you apply them correctly. In fact, when used as described, these strategies, together with your other search engine ranking factors will give you the required boost to rank high up on search engine results pages.


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