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Social Post Pilot

Social Post Pilot Software will help you automate all process involves in social media promotion ideas

Social Post Pilot Software REVIEW and BONUS

social post pilot social media promotion ideas

Effective social media promotion ideas are the pinnacle of making sales these days. It is so much easier to reach out to specific groups of potential buyers and create convertible mailing lists. This kind of service is more common and used on Facebook. Now the problem marketers have been facing all along is that there is no automated platform to manage marketing Facebook pages and collecting data. Ross Carrel has managed to develop a solution called Social Post Pilot that puts all these woes to rest.

Social Post Pilot is a solution that gives you the ability to manage all your Facebook accounts and pages in one place. It is an automated solution that offers a wide range of features that are invaluable to marketers and sellers. In other words, it offers a hand’s free solution to Facebook and social media marketing.
social post pilot social media promotion ideas

Features of Social Post Pilot – a social media promotion idea

This marketing tool is neatly crafted to provide marketers and people alike with a superb service. Some of the major features include:

The Instant Find, Schedule & Post function

Gone are the days where you have to sit behind a screen all day making posts and searching for contests. The automated solution will search for affiliate contests that suit your profile and send you notifications for you to check out. In addition, the software can be scheduled to make automatic posts on all of your Facebook pages automatically.

List building function

The Social Post Pilot has the ability to build selling lists from Facebook followers and give pre-programmed auto responses to engage the potential clients and turn them into buyers. This social media promotion idea can be integrated with other autoresponders like Aweber, GetResponse, and SendReach.

RSS FEED Integration

Social Post Pilot will populate your feed with content that’s relevant to your product and related topics.

Create Contest and Giveaways

This social media promotion idea allows marketers to run promotions and competitions on Facebook to promote their products. You can use the software to offer incentives to followers so they can sign up for your lists.

All in one dashboard

The dashboard is one of the best features of this solution. It allows total control of multiple Facebook pages and profiles all in one place. You can even interact with your different pages. All schedules for the pages are managed from this central point, making it convenient for users.

Pros and Cons

Pros of Social Post Pilot – a social media promotion idea:

  • Impressively secure platform, it uses one master password to login to the dashboard that immediately gives you access to all of your Facebook pages. There is no need to configure anything, the solution will integrate everything for you automatically
  • The platform is mobile friendly, you can use it on the go and manage your marketing business from anywhere without the need of using your PC.
  • The function to run contests and offer incentives to followers is one of the most useful functions of this platform
  • Makes available all statistics and insights for your pages right there on the dashboard.
  • Hands-free automated management of Facebook pages including sending scheduled posts and messages.

Cons of Social Post Pilot – a social media promotion idea:

The major concern with this platform has been that it does not offer a way to make customized posts according to geographic location. This results in untargeted posts and some annoying potential subscribers who are concerned by the product in question.

Ross Carrel’ Social Post Pilot has the potential to change the face of social marketing forever. Many promoters who have used this platform have expressed great satisfaction with the results and convenience brought about by Social Post Pilot.

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social post pilot social media promotion ideas


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