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SEO tools are making life easier for online marketers, with the right SEO tools an online marketer can increase their online presence, draw an audience and increase conversions. Right now automated tools are proving to be a big hit as they basically do all the work that marketers used to do while they spend the extra time focusing on other areas of the business.

Many marketers say that getting useful, constant organic traffic to their videos, websites and posts is the biggest challenge they face every day of their online campaigns. As such, many tools have been developed to try and help solve this challenge. As expected with technology, some of these marketing online tools are brilliant and effective while some still need to be worked on.

One brilliant and effective marketing online tool that is proving to be a major game changer for entrepreneurs is the automated tool Traffic Infinity. Many marketers are using Traffic Infinity to boost their positions, let us quickly find out what this tool really is and what makes it such a hit.

What is Traffic Infinity?

Traffic Infinity is an SEO tool that does exactly what the name suggests, that is to provide never-ending traffic to your social media pages, websites, videos and blogs. It is a 100% automatic tool that you simply set and forget about and it keeps running your campaigns, bringing organic traffic forever. The best part is, once you set up the software, which takes a couple of minutes, you get 100% free organic traffic for as long as you want to keep the campaign running.

Traffic infinity allows marketers to add their own call to actions on any authority content by integrating RSS feeds that run automatically forever.

How does Traffic Infinity work marketing online tool?

The principle behind Traffic infinity is to keep organic traffic coming to your campaigns for as long as you like automatically without any other effort on your part except for the few minutes you spend setting up the campaign in the beginning. This is how it works:

Learn More About Traffic Infinity

  1. Locate exceptional content

The key to keeping organic content lies in posting great content on your websites and social sites. So to use Traffic Infinity, search and identify trusted authority sites that consistently post exceptional content relevant to your niche. Plug in these sites to Traffic Infinity and get their RSS feed. This means that each time these authority pages post new content, Traffic Infinity will grab the content and post on your sites. There are limits on the number of posts of a number of sites that you can use the tool with. The supported sites include:

  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Facebook Timelines
  • Facebook Pages
  • Facebook Groups
  • Pinterest Boards
  • Reddit
  1. Social Curation

Create your Call To Actions for money making and add them to your social sites. The call to actions will act upon all the RSS feeds that come through from the authority site of your choice.

traffic infinity marketing online

  1. Run the campaign forever

When your call to actions is set up on your social sites, run the campaign. Every time new content is posted on the authority sites of your choice, the content will be posted to your site with your call to actions on top. This happens within 10 minutes and continues to run forever.

What makes Traffic Infinity better than other similar tools?

Traffic Infinity marketing online tool has many features that make it absolutely different from all other tools that exist out there. Here are some of the tool’s features that have pleased marketers who use it:

  • The tool is 100% automatic, once you set up the campaign it continues to run without any need for you to do anything. It runs none stop forever.
  • Full authority RSS feeds to your sites bring with it organic traffic automatically forever.
  • Automated retargeted audience building
  • Unlimited social accounts integration
  • The marketing online tool works with multiple autoresponders, a feature that allows marketers to set up powerful multiple Call To Actions on their sites.

There are many other features that come with this tool that make it worth trying ahead of other similar tools. Just like any other SEO tool, you need to try it to see what works for your campaigns.

Pros and Cons

Pros of Traffic Infinity Marketing Online Tool:

  • The tool is 100% hands-free
  • Infinity traffic for any campaigns
  • Many tutorials to help you get started
  • It takes minutes to set
  • Unlimited campaigns and social accounts

Cons of Traffic Infinity Marketing Online Tool:

  • The lifetime subscription is no longer available
  • Tutorials are required for new users

The Bottom Line

Traffic Infinity does a spectacular job in bringing organic traffic to social sites, with the content coming from authority sites you can easily build many calls to actions that convert the incoming organic traffic into sells. The best part about this tool is that it does all of this automatically, meaning the time you used to spend looking for new content, posting on your sites, channeling and driving traffic, can be spent on other areas of yours.

Learn More About Traffic Infinity- Marketing Online Tool
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