The Essential Guide To Start Making Money With Blogging

Guide To Start Making Money With Blogging

Start Making Money With Blogging

“How can you make money blogging?” It is one of the questions people ask me most often.

Many people do not understand how this works.

Many novice bloggers are looking for information about making money with blogging.

Blogging started as a kind of “online diary” where people could share their thoughts on various topics.

Nowadays there are also many people who make money while blogging.

Want to know how this works? Well, read this article all the way to the end and then you will know exactly how people make money blogging.

You will also discover how you can make money on the Internet with a blog.

But first I must ask you something. Are you ready for it?


I’m going to say something that most bloggers do not like to hear, but it’s the truth about making money blogging.

Ok, are you ready?

A blog in itself is NOT an online business.

Most bloggers will never earn a single dollar blogging because of the mere fact that a blog in itself is not an online business.

Some people are paid to blog, but then you run any online business. Then you get paid to do a job.

Let me explain this further.

A blog is not an online business, but a platform upon which you can build an online business.

Your blog should be part of your broader marketing strategy. A blog in itself will bring in any money.



You want to make money blogging, but before we move on to that, there are different revenue models revealed, I will get the three essential components overflows that you need to be able to make money with a blog.


To make money with your blog, you’ll need visitors to your blog.

If no one comes to your blog, it does not matter how valuable your blog articles, because no one will read it.

To make money blogging, you first need a group of listeners who find it interesting what you have to say.


It takes the time to gain the trust of your audience.

Maybe you get thousands of visitors to your blog every month, but if they do not trust you, they will not buy anything from you, and you will not make money blogging.

If instead, you are constantly helping your visitors to achieve their goals by giving them valuable tips and information, they will trust you, and they will want to buy products from you.


Many bloggers feel uncomfortable when they are trying to sell something.

If you look at it, however, in the right context, you will see that you provide even more value if you sell products in the right way.

Many are worried among us that they come across as the car salesman who just wants you driving away in a new car whether it suits you or not.

But here’s the great thing about building an online business if you get a lot of visitors to your blog which you fully trust, then you do not have to be pushy to make money.

If your audience trust you, you have to sell barely.


There are several ways to make money on the internet with a blog but here are five most commonly used ways:


It is my favorite way to make money blogging.

Affiliate marketing is to promote other people product or service in return for a commission.

The beauty of this business model is that you should not create your product or service and you can automate the sales process so you can even make money while you sleep.

All you have to do is recommend good products that you use yourself. If those products buy through your link or whatever way you are using, you will earn a commission.


It is one of the easiest ways to make money on the condition that you get enough visitors to your blog.

One of the most common ways that bloggers make money with ads via Google’s AdSense.

You just need to add some ad code to your blog. AdSense will bring up related ads on your blog, and you earn money when someone visits your blog and clicks on those ads.


Own digital products are also an excellent way to make money blogging.

Since you have built a relationship of trust with visitors through your blog, they will trust you and be tempted to buy something from you that you have created.

A big advantage is that you once you have created your digital product, you can sell the product to as many customers as possible without having to make an extra effort to make more products.

The product is digital, and you can therefore sell several times.

A digital product can range from a simple eBook to a comprehensive membership site with a training program.


I do not much experience with selling physical products, but I know people who do it very successfully.

It’s not my favorite way to make money with blogging because it takes more effort, you have to store the physical products somewhere and then sending, and you still need to think about a lot of other practical matters.

I’m more interested in earning money with which to make blogging easier.


Selling services is a fast way to start making money because you do not have to create a product, but you can immediately sell your services.

You can sell a lot of different services on the Internet: coaching for more confident, advice on investments, website design, fashion tips, etc.

Start making money with bloggingBottom Line:

Blogging for money is not difficult. I have explained the five top revenue models in detail that a blogger can make money with.

With one business model, you can make more profit than the other, but it takes longer and costs more effort before you start.

What is your favorite revenue model and why? Let me know in a comment below!

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