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Personalized videos sent to mailing lists have become the new pinnacle to marketing and reaching out to audiences. Be it videos for crowdfunding, e-commerce, affiliates, product marketing or various campaigns; sending personalized videos to each and every person you intend to contact is the best way to get high percentage positive response. Now imagine you have a mail list with over 10 000 different people, how much time do you think it will take to create a personalized video for each of those individuals? Well today you know longer have to worry about that or the time and resources you will need to create personalized videos, there is an incredible and efficient Cloud Based video editing and personalization platform called Personalizer- Video Remix. This platform can literary create personalized videos in a very short time and all you have to do is just provide the information.

Personalizer- Video Remix is the first ever innovative, smart Cloud-Based Video Editing & Personalization platform. It makes life very simple for people who are looking to engage with an audience on a personal level. What it does is amazing, it allows you to turn a dull and boring general video into a more personal engaging film for the targeted person. With the Video remix software, it is possible to add the name of the viewer, their address and much more information that can engage and interact with the viewer right there in the video.

Of all video editing software and technology that exists out there, this is the most innovative and exciting to use by a margin. From the interface itself, down right to the customer support service, everything is on point. The product services are impeccable and easy to use. Here are a few of the video remix features that catch the eye:

Personalizer- Video Remix Features and Services

Since the platform is cloud-based, it means you do not have to run heavy editing soft wares on your PC. So it’s goodbye to Long video Rendering Times and hello to smooth video editing, with this technology personalizing a video can take just 60seconds! The platform offers a whole lot of services and programs, among them:

  • The ability to import any video from any source and begin editing it to make it your own. For example you can import videos that are already hosted on the web, from sites like YouTube and vines. All you need is the video URL, paste it onto the platform and watch it import that video in a matter of seconds. This feature is particularly useful to affiliate marketers, presentation building and meme making. With this feature there is no need for people to spend a lot of time filming videos and building them from scratch, just copy-paste and import.
  • The custom video personalization service allows you to add names to the video, tag geographical locations and highlight quotes. You can directly speak to individuals in the target audience and tag the message in a way that would yield positive engagement.


The geotag for example, will allow you to add a name of a product known to be selling hot in a specific location and increase sells even more.

  • The platform has an image and video editor that allows for advanced picture enhancements and editing. With this service you can crop, cut and remove parts of the videos that are irrelevant to the target audience and replace with other clips or information.
  • WP and Custom Integrations to support video campaigns
  • The platform supports all email services and clients can send the finished remixed videos directly from the platform to emailing lists.
  • From people who are not so good at handling editing tools to people who have no time to work from ground zero, the video remix platform has customizable templates that can easily be used to provide incredible output.

The template includes free call to action sign off material that can be used to get a more engaged result with the target audience.


  • Ability to edit and personalize videos in one dashboard.
  • Amazing value when we compare it with other more expensive services.
  • Ability to embed or host the personalize videos in Video Remix.
  • Totally web-based application: no need for local installations.
  • There are plenty of tutorials so you can learn every aspect of the editing timeline.


  • The user interface and editor takes a little time to learn.
  • The login screen because it doesn’t save your password.
  • You have to constantly log back in after a few minutes of no activity. This may be a minor issue but this really bugs me.

These and many other features available on the platform have proved to be the best marketing tools in this modern day. Clients who use Video remix have seen a tremendous increase in website traffic and an engaged audience. Ordinary clicks on ads have been turned into positive sells by connecting with the view on a personal level.

The face of e-commerce has forever been changed thanks to this platform, today an ordinary e-commerce business can yield up to 2-3 times ROI improvement just by sending out personalized videos to thousands of people. The product even works better with affiliate marketing, where you can add some voice overs to best explain the product and get more actionable reactions from the viewer.

This is one of the best technologies ever to come out of this decade. Advertising has been made simpler and more personal, campaigns even more intimate and above all audiences can finally see the disappearance of boring and dull publicity. Personalizer- Video Remix is worth exploring.

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