List Eruption 2.0- A Powerful Plugin That Lets You Build Your Email List

build your email list

List Eruption is absolutely one of the best plugins to build your email list. Its viral function is very powerful and unique.

More emails from your targeted niche usually mean more profit. Email marketing prevailed as the most profitable platform for selling and making money via affiliate marketing. That is why together we will do a review of a product we used to enhance our list. We are talking about the critically acclaimed software: ListEruption 2.0. It is a plugin that builds your email list and can significantly increase your subscriber with unique method and tools!

In this review, we will make a concise overview of what this list building plugin can offer to the end users and does the features included in the software really work.

build your email list

What exactly is ListEruption?

At its core, ListEruption 2.0 is a WordPress-Plugin, so your website must be hosted on that CMS. It is a system that works in a simple way. You tell about the system to other people and expand their knowledge about the software, they utilize the software, but also they grow and build your email list. It is a system that works with rewards for the ones that refer subscribers to you.

Used from more than 3k people, List Eruption 2.0 also includes e-mail reminder system that will send reminder emails to your subscribers so they can participate in the program as well.  But, to make it a complete email subscriber list building WordPress plugin, it also includes a tracking system that tracks each subscriber and their activity.

ListEruption 2.0 build your email list

Why we loved ListEruption 2.0 and simply build your email list?

Well the list is long, but here are some of the stand out features that we loved:

  • It is extremely easy to set up. It is not clunky nor complicated. All you need to do is implement a few simple steps and you are ready to benefit from it.
  • We use several email providers, so we needed ListEruption 2.0 to be versatile. It indeed is an extremely versatile software because it works with Aweber and MailChimp (the biggest email providers), but also with other popular email providers like iContact and GetResponse
  • Every one of your subscribers will get a unique referral URL. When they promote it to their network you get new subscribers and they bonus rewards
  • It comes with lots of landing pages and sidebar widgets that are pre-designed. If you are not a professional web designer, and you just need ready to use pages and banners. Everything is ready-to-use and designed in an effective way.
  • The biggest feature of List Eruption 2.0 is that enables you to create additional and multi-layered referral reward levels. So, your first subscribers will have the motivation to get more subscribers, and their subscribers will also have the motivation to get more, etc. All their actions will help you benefit the most.

How ListEruption 2.0 List Building Plugin Works (3 steps):

  1. You create a subscriber offer with some promotional offer (ebook, product, newsletter)
  2. Then they are on your list and via List Builder 2.0 you will send them an incentive with rewards (with easy sharing capability)
  3. The subscriber shares with his friends, the friends share with their friends, etc. Your initial subscriber can become tens or hundreds of your email list

Final thoughts on ListEruption in building your email list

This is a really good software. Not only it gives a clear overview of your subscribers, but also it enables you to build your email list with their rewards system. Everything is crafted in a way that is easy for the end user. All you need to do is adjust the templates, designs and the whole system to your website, service or product and you can grow and build your email list immensely.

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