What Is Link Building And How To Get Started With A Campaign Action Plan?

what is link building

High coming into Google, that every entrepreneur. An important tool to achieve that is link building. Administrator Mark engine marketing helps you with that. We ensure that other sites with good reputation linking to your website, leading to a higher position in search engines and generate more visitors.

What is link building?

Link Building is to increase the valuation of the site by increasing the number of links to a website. Among other factors, the number of incoming links to a web site plays an important role in determining the rank (PR) of a website. PageRank is a figure indicative indicates how important Google website found on the Internet. This is done on a scale of 0 to 10. Google knows every website page and such a reputation score. The higher the number, the better. This scale is logarithmic so even a fourth is significantly better than a 3. The higher the score, the easier it will be a page high on Google. This score can be improved by ensuring that other sites with a good reputation (high score) link to the website.

How do you determine the right link building strategy?

Our principle of link building assumes that you left too truly deserve. We call this earning link. The website or specific content should be “entitled” link, it must have a value on the Internet. So you cannot “buy links” with us.

The strategic setting targets for link building is an important factor before we start link building. Thus, we direct the link building campaign and may be assessed the cost-effectiveness of link building activities based on the targets.

In addition to the number of incoming links is also the quality of incoming links is a very important factor in the determination of the position of a page in the search engine results. A good link building strategy aims to improve on getting links with the aim of PageRank from relevant websites to parts of your website, and thus influence the search engines positions positive.

A good link building campaign requires a constant effort of analysis, drawing links, writing articles, creating valuable content and approaching potential link partners. It is therefore essential to develop plan; the link building Action Plan.  We aim uphold to the same quality of the content that is currently on the website of your link partners so that folks their community will appreciate quality resources when they visit the website link. This is also called “link earning”!

What is a link building campaign?

what is link building

In a link building campaign is defined with respect to the different stages and steps that we go through. A link building campaign can be prepared by a link building agency and is based on the following stages.

What is Link Building Campaign Action Plan?

1. Keyword Determination

The first step in a link building campaign involves determining the most important keywords. On what terms you want to get better rank the website? What keywords best close to the customer needs? The keywords that emerge from this analysis will guide in the preparation of links and content.

2. Competitive Analysis

The second step involves the assessment of the competition. Websites that rank well on the previously determined keywords are scrutinized. Where do their links come from? What kind of content is important in your industry? What are they and how to obtain your website similar and preferably more valuable links? The results of the competitive analysis is a list of sites where potentially valuable links might come from.

3. Content Creation

No webmaster link love to another website if there is nothing to read or interesting to find. Well written texts on topics / business / services that are related to the keywords are very important for link building. Often, new pages are created that are valuable and optimized to achieve the best link building objectives. Acquiring quality back links to your website with having quality content to share or clearly only seeking a commercial objective, is very difficult to get the job done right and no link building strategy with this objective will yield any good results.

4. Investigation

After you have completed the previous steps then the search begins for websites with many visitors where you can make your own contribution by adding information and knowledge. Think for example of relevant websites in the sector or websites where potential customers much to come. This is the easiest way left – to get – and relevant visitors. Creating accounts on corporate websites also directly contributes to the visibility of your business. One could think of industry forums or keywords related news.

5. Content Publication

After content has been produced and the main link sites must distinguish the content will be disseminated. A way to reach more potential link partners is the issue of optimized press releases. The creation of link-grade blog posts or pages can arouse the interest of relevant websites. Yet content publishing continues through the continuous overload of information on the Internet is a matter of pushing link worthy content. That means mostly relevant websites write to and call.

6. Measuring Results

The outcome measurement includes not only monitoring reputable websites and the quantity placed on the left. What is really valuable is the quality of the links. This is reflected in an increased number of visitors using the link, and of course the position in search engines. The performance measurement is examined whether there is compliance with the objectives and the results associated therewith. Think of the changes in the search rankings, but also to changes in the PageRank of your website and the development of the visitor volume. A good link building is transparent about this.

What does a good inbound link look like?

Based on the keyword determining one or more search terms at the heart of the layout of the available links.

For example,  if text link: Text links  are the  best links

HTML code that looks like this : <a title=”textlinks” href=”http://www.yourwebsite.com/textlink”> <b> Text links </ b> </a> the < a title = “best left” href = http: //www.yourwebsite.com/best-links> best left </a>

Link Building Tips: best practices

Tip: how do you get links?

  • Provide a value on your website. 
    Make sure there is a valuable resource where others can link to. For example, this link-building tips.
  • Request link in a confirmation email
    example, after notification of the newsletter. You could ask the recipient to do this on the keywords that are important to the website and have it post to link to the recipient site. For example, from the blog page of the recipient site to the homepage of the website.
  • Business relationships
    Ask your business associates if they want to link to your website in the best keywords that are picked before. Here is the link should really add value to that other website.
  • Keyword Research
    To create added value is a keyword research is crucial for posting links. Look at the title of the web page should be placed more link building, look carefully what the keywords for that page, and how it should be perhaps found. This can perform a link building for you.
  • PPC Test
    Test your chosen keywords on PPC before starting with SEO link building. Always choose the best keywords that people are searching for, if you’re link building / earnen.
  • A back link sites to place a link does not always work properly. 
    Because this may be as minor as link these two sides going on. A à B = B at A
  • In SEO counts each link
    a return link generally will be placed in the footer at the bottom of the customer or on a separate page, for example “partner page” hot.
  • Link building to link building
    If you are alone because you will have left to link building, you’re not doing well. The links should add value to the Internet.
  • clickable link
    A clickable link ultimately ensures incoming web traffic.
  • Encourage
    Encourage only left with good quality, because they have the most impact.

The purpose of link building in 2019 :

  • It provides customers more visitors who come to the site through those links.
  • With good link building there are many links from other sites, which is good for the SEO of the website klant.nl and so it will be placed higher in the search engines.

We as link building-office tracking link building note that links from websites with the same subject are much better than links on websites that are about something else. We ensure that no links are obtained by fraudulent spam or link farm sites. Administrator Mark always check if the link is also an added value for visitors to the website.

Administrator Mark link building for websites:

There are many websites which, like the telephone offering the possibility to search for companies. The presence in these websites can add value. The objective is to ensure that people searching within such websites you can actually find there. If link building Strasbourg Mark helps you with that.

Outsource Link Building!

We offer link building only after a thorough SEO audit. Your website must comply with the link building requirements from Google before we get started. Then we make a specific link building strategy for the website and the industry. We make in this plan as much as possible use of the potential of you and your organization. Here we prioritize the added value for the users of the website. Like Google, link building looks like!


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