AWeber is an Effective Email Marketing Platform: An Autoresponders With A Solid Performance


AWeber effective email marketing

For a campaign that is starting up, sending a good number of emails and responding to messages is a very easy task. But as the campaign grows and develops, the number of emails being sent increases to numbers that are impossible to manage manually. For whatever reason, if you are sending thousands of emails per day you need an email responder software to manage this task for you. The great news is that there is much such software today, but AWeber seems to be one of the leading choices, an effective email marketing / managing software.

What is AWeber?

AWeber is a web-based software that helps you manage your mailing lists. Many online marketers are using it to correspond with their customers because of its convenient features like the autoresponder and integration options.

AWeber effective email marketing

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Features of AWeber – an effective email marketing/managing software


For anyone looking for an effective email marketing/managing software, the main reason is to find a software that reduces that task of corresponding with subscribers considerably. AWeber excels at this task beyond measure thanks to the autoresponder feature. The feature gives you the power to manage your email lists like never before. You can use the programmable timer to send emails at pre-set intervals automatically. The messages can be set to target certain subscribers according to the conditions that you define. For example, you can program the software to send an automatic welcome email to any new subscriber then schedule follow up emails after a couple of days of weeks. You can even target your most active subscribers to keep them engaged or to offer them special offer products. All this is done automatically by the AWeber autoresponder function.

To make it even better, the software comes with over 150 message template that you can choose from for your email campaigns. The emails are customizable so you can edit them to add your personal touch. It is even possible to draft your own templates and save them.


Every online campaign depends on engaging the audience and building valid email lists. AWeber has multiple integration options that make it possible to provide email subscription options for customers on various internet platforms. For example, you can add your email subscription forms on different websites, blogs and social media pages, that way people can sign up easily.

It is also possible to integrate AWeber with shopping cart tools, making it possible to collect new subscribers and grow your lists from real customers who just made a purchase.

Analytics and Reports

Email marketers are obsessed with analytics and statistics. They want to see what is working and what is not, insights on marketing campaigns are very important in that they let you know how the subscribers and customers are behaving with regards to your campaign. AWeber, an effective email marketing/managing software has a function that allows you to monitor exactly how clients are interacting with your emails. You can see how many of your subscribers engaged with your emails when they engaged and if the clicked on your links or not. You can also sort the data according to location, that way you are able to get demographic insights into your email campaigns. This kind of data is vital in running successful email campaigns.

Click The Link For A Free 30 day Trial of AWeber (an effective email marketing/manager software)

Customer Support and Help

AWeber software comes with an incredible customer support service for both new and old subscribers. This effective email marketing/managing software comes with a tutorial section that is loaded with video tutorials and webinars for new users who need help or lessons on email campaigns. This means that someone who is completely new to email marketing can actually learn and be able to run successful campaigns thanks to the tutorials from AWeber.

There is Live support for customers that need customized help but this service is only available during business hours.

AWeber effective email marketing

Other features of AWeber include:

  • High volume sending
  • Import and exporting tools
  • API support


Subscriptions to AWeber come in various packages. You have the option of choosing a monthly subscription that starts off at $19 per month or a quarterly subscription starting at $49 per quarter or a yearly subscription starting off at $149 per year. The plans can be upgraded depending on the number of contacts that you need. They also offer a FREE 30 day trial of their service so you can test it and see if this can work for your business.

Pros and Cons

Pros of AWeber – effective email marketing/managing software

  • Unlimited emails
  • Competitive prices
  • Customer support

Cons – effective email marketing/managing software

  • The importing tools can still be improved. Currently, the software can’t import from third-party address books, something that many marketers have complained about.

The Bottom Line

AWeber is a very affordable effective email marketing/managing software that has very useful functions. The ability to use and store email templates coupled with the autoresponder function makes for convenient email campaigning.

Click The Link For A Free 30 day Trial

aweber effective email marketing


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