Email List Building Strategies And Copywriting For Profits

email list building strategies

Internet marketing is probably one of the fastest growing industries to date and many innovative marketers are getting in on it.

It provides extra income to some people, and to other people who take it seriously it actually becomes an occupation. Many new marketers who join this evergreen industry often wonder how the leading marketers make it, they wonder how they make 6 figure incomes just like that without even working hard for it. Well, the truth is you can also do it, it’s pretty simple. You have to work hard in the beginning to build a strong and fruitful base on which your internet marketing career will be based on. This process ihow to create a mailing list

You have probably heard a lot about email marketing, most people have. In fact, I can tell you for a fact that you have been part of an email marketing list. Email lists are very popular and they are the key to taking your affiliate career to greater heights. By reading through this article you will learn how to create a mailing list that converts. We will discuss the best way to build email lists and provide you with a number of email list building strategies to boost your affiliate sales.

What email lists mean to internet marketing

In order to understand email list building strategies, you need to understand first what email list means to your affiliate marketing business. Email lists give you an incredible link to your followers, customers and prospective customers. By having people sign up to an email list, you gain the advantage of having a direct channel of communication with them. This means that you do not have to wait for people to visit your site or blog, you can simply email them anytime. As you may already have guessed, this opens a way to promote your affiliate products direct to the subscribers of your list. You can also send valuable messages that provide value to your subscribers, this will make your subscribers trust you and become more likely to consider the products and services that you promote. We will talk about that in detail later.

best way to build email

Email list building strategies that work

  1. Direct sign-up sheets

The best way to create a mail list is to be direct and frank with potential subscribers. Let them know up front that you need their emails so you can send them important messages concerning some products and services that they may be contemplating on buying. To do this effectively, you can make a sign-up sheet which you will present in person to prospective subscribers. Take this sheet to relevant gatherings where you can meet and talk to a lot of people. You will probably need some form of posters or flyers with background information about your campaign, the people who sign-up their emails are usually the people who are interested in whatever it is that you are promoting. It may seem tedious right now but this is a very important step in building a mailing list that converts. The people who choose to sign up to your list meet you and see you in person, this makes them trust you better and they are most likely to open and read your emails when you message them.

Remember to email your new subscribers early before they forget you. Your first email to your subscribers should be excellent and engaging, it should make the subscribers feel like they made the right decision by subscribing to your list.

Also, you should keep your list well organized. Luckily, these days there are plenty of tools that you can use to manage your mailing list. You can use Excel, Outlook, Gmail and many other third party software programs to organize and keep your list neat and easy to access.

  1. Build a mailing list through cards

Collecting and exchanging business cards is another good way of building a list. Whenever you meet prospective customers, ask for their business cards and give them yours too. You score better if the people email you first but do not be shy to email them also, this method of list building works best if communication is exchanged at the earliest time possible. One way of getting the people who accept your business card to email you is to add some form of persuasion on the card, for example, you can offer incentives to encourage prospective subscribers to make contact and join your list.

  1. Set up website opt-ins

If you have a website associated with your internet marketing campaign, you can set up email list opt in structures to harvest emails and grow your list from the traffic that visits your website. Here is how to create a mailing list from a website:

  • Email registration forms

You can draw up and set up email registration forms on your website. The key is to strategically place the forms on relevant parts of your site, preferably on the landing page or right along with your call to action.

  • Pop ups

I am very sure you have met a lot of pop-ups while visiting some websites. Use of pop-ups is very common when it comes to email list building strategies. But here is the secret that most internet marketers do not know: Pop-ups can be very annoying if they spam the visitor. The trick to building a mailing list through pop ups is to design relevant pop-ups and program them to pop up at strategic times and sections of your website. For example, a pop up that appears immediately when a visitor arrives on your site is likely to put off the visitor and cause them to leave the site without opting in on your list. In fact, these visitors who get annoyed are less likely to come back to your site or consider your offers. However, if you program your pop-ups to appear after the visitor has spent some time on your site or clicked on a particular link them you are most likely to get real and interested subscribers who opt in on your email list.

DO not worry if this sounds complicated, these days there are many tools that you can use to program all this. In fact, thanks to technology, list building through opt ins is now an automated event.

  • Social media

You can also take advantage of social media to build your mailing lists. Use well-crafted posts and comments to generate genuine interest and get people to subscribe to your lists. Your posts have to be useful to the readers to spark interest.

list what is list building for internet marketing

List building for internet marketing

One thing you will notice when building lists are that getting and growing a list is not that challenging once you get the hang of it. What is challenging, however, is getting the list to work with your internet marketing campaign. That is why it is important to condition your list for internet marketing campaigns from the on set. Here is how to create a mailing list that works for internet marketing:

  • Make sure that your email list building strategies are targeting subscribers who are interested in your niche. Building a list just for the sake of numbers will not work, your subscribers have to have an interest in your subject otherwise you are just wasting your time.
  • Keep your list active. That is the golden rule when it comes to email marketing. You have to constantly send valuable messages to your list, do not let them forget you but do not spam them. Send them messages that matter without promoting your products all the time.
  • Be valuable to your list, do not let them ignore you. To do this you can send them reviews of your niche relevant products and services. These can be your reviews or reviews by other authority sites. Make your subscribers feel like you care for them, this way they will trust you and consider any products that you recommend.
  • Respond to any messages or questions that your subscribers send to you.

You see how simple it is to build and manage email lists that convert. You have to put in a lot of effort in the beginning but once you have conditioned your list your internet marketing business will be strategically positioned to reach greater heights. Hard work, patience and conditioning, that is the holy grail of email list building strategies.


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