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SEO Tips and Tricks To Increase Your Website SEO Rankings

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Optimizing content using SEO Tips

Optimized content is on of the leading on-page ranking factors. Filling a website with generic content no longer helps with search engine rankings, if anything it actually hurts the rankings especially with Google. Google punishes websites with content that appears to be generic and unrelated to the website niche. Therefore, on-page content optimization is the leading factor for excellent on-page SEO and considered as the first of all SEO tips.

  • Quality

The quality of all content posted on a website should be high. Well-written content that engages the visitors and is helpful to the visitors ranks higher on search engine algorithms.

  • Use of keywords

Sparing use of keywords is very important for on-page ranking, keywords should be used enough to provide an association with the topic but not so much that it appears as spamming. Naturally written content with a keyword appearance of 1% to 2% is usually advised.

  • Written content

There are some websites that use visual content like images, Gifs, and videos. While this type of content might be attractive to the visitors, it does not do well with search engines. Search engines use robots and scripts that crawl through a website reading and picking up information. It is way easier for these scripts to read and index written content. Therefore, all graphic content uploaded to a website should be accompanied by written transcripts or descriptions of the content.

  • Frequency of posts

The frequency of posts and content update is important for high-quality on-page optimization. A website needs frequent content updates in order to rank high on Google. However, posting content for the sake of just posting could easily hurt the ranking position, especially if the new content is of poor quality and show no objective. Posts should always be objective, well written and relevant to the website’s niche.

  • Content length

Use of short length content is no longer as useful for SEO purposes as it was before, content of fewer than 500 words does not score very well with ranking algorithms. High-quality in-depth content has better success in engaging the visitors and scoring social media sharing and recommendations. Longer content also carries the advantage of allowing more repetition of the keywords while maintaining a low keyword density.

Here are some tried and tested methods of SEO Tips sustaining rankings over time:

  1. High-quality site maintenance

The first and most important factor in rankings sustenance concerns the issue of site maintenance. A high ranking website will definitely field a lot of traffic and as such maintenance and clean-up need to be done regularly. Domain and hosting renewing should be done ahead of the due date, security solutions should be always up to date and 404 notices taken care of accordingly. At no point should be a website be down without a proper communication page to the visitors, this has negative effects on a site’s search engine ranking.

  1. Content Quality

The key to staying ahead in the SEO game, whether search engine algorithms change or not, lies in constantly publishing interesting, engaging, high-quality content that is relevant to the niche of the website. Search engine algorithms will always read through websites to place value on the content and determine its usefulness to the visitors. So to sustain a ranking over time, quality content posting should be maintained at all times.

The issue of relevancy is of uttermost importance in sustaining high rankings. Keeping visitors coming back to the site over a long period of time gives a website authority over the relevant niche and that can go a long way in sustaining ranking.

  1. Use of Keywords and keywords research

There is no telling how search engines will update their algorithms to handle the issue of keyword usage within websites. Therefore, optimized use of relevant keywords is very important in maintaining rankings. Keyword research should be performed regularly to stay in the loop on the search terms used by searchers and the terms that competitors optimize their websites for. The idea situation for a website is to always have updated keywords that are not overused by competitors but appear frequently on search sites.

  1. Use of Metadata tags

For each new page that is added on to a website, metadata tags should be updated. This includes the Title, Page description, and keywords. Optimized metadata tags can help sustain rankings over time.

  1. Use of links

Use of links, otherwise known as link building, occupies a very particular place in SEO. Currently, linking to highly respected and authority sites and getting backlinks from trusted websites works well for SEO, however, there is no telling on what the stance search engines like google will take on the use of external links. The best practice is to have a balance between outgoing links, incoming links, and internal links. Any links used within a website should always be checked and updated, dead links should be removed and replaced with relevant functional links. Use of poor quality links can hurt a website’s ranking. For sustained ranking, a website should always perform link checks and optimize accordingly.

  1. Tracking the competition

Websites should always keep track of the other competing websites. Often, low ranking websites work to mirror the SEO setup of high ranking websites. It is important for a webmaster to always know what the competition is up to and work to find better solutions to stay ahead and sustain the desired ranking on search engine results pages.

  1. Social presence

Another key solution for sustained ranking over time is social media. Google loves social media because it is directly linked to the audience when visitors share and engage with a website on social media it does wonders for rankings. Yes, it is not easy to predict how search engines will alter their algorithms in the future but one thing for sure is that social media will have a huge SEO influence as it does right now. Engaging the audience and maintaining a great social presence is important for sustaining search engine rankings.

  1. Improved website access and delivery

As technology advances, so should a website regardless of its ranking. Technology changes mean audiences acquire new devices to surf and browse the internet. As things stand, a good part of the young generation uses small end portable devices to browse the internet. If a website does not load well on different kinds of devices some users will stop visiting the website, engagements will decrease and so will the click through rate. Google and other search sites will notice these changes and score the website negatively, something that can definitely affect rankings.

A smooth functioning website that is easily accessed from any type of device and internet connection receives favorable scores from search sites and will, therefore, be able to sustain rankings for a long time.



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