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A Powerful SEO Optimization Tool - Live Stream Alpha, Create Easy and Simple Videos
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SEO Optimization Tool that Creates Video SEO Easy and Simple by Live Stream Alpha

live stream alpha

The Alpha Sentai SEO tools suite has a number of exciting and useful tools that online marketers and video promoters can use to increase their online presence and engagements. Live Stream Alpha is one of the tools in the suite and it does a great job boosting video rankings online.

What is Live Stream Alpha SEO optimization tool?

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Live Stream Alpha is a very powerful SEO optimization tool that was added to the Alpha Sentai SEO tools suite. Its main function is to boost video ranking by streaming pre-recorded videos to YouTube Live Events, Daily Motion and Facebook Live. This books live streaming videos through multiple traffic channeling coming from Facebook audiences, Daily Motion and other live audiences. The SEO tool has powerful built-in features that we will discuss below.

Live Stream Alpha SEO optimization tool features

YouTube Live Events, Daily Motion and Facebook Live Stream

Use pre-recorded videos to ranker your live streaming faster, this is particularly useful if you are running video campaigns or webinars. By just a click of a button, you can easily apply Silos, Linkwheels and Tiered Linking to your live streams. The SEO optimization tool helps you channel traffic from high traffic sites like Daily Motion and use it to boost video ranking on YouTube and Facebook Live stream. Using this tool allows you to host a series of well-ranked videos without the need to use backlinks.

The advanced SEO feature

Added on the latest update of Live stream alpha is the advanced video SEO feature. This feature makes video SEO as easy and simple as just check boxing SEO options when you are setting up your live video. The options made available in this feature include unlisted streaming, public streaming, silos, linkwheel, pinging and indexing. By selecting these options according to your SEO needs, you immediately optimize your video streaming and its ranking gets a boost the second you go live.

Learn More About Live Stream Alpha

Using this feature, it is also possible to add various video edits during the live broadcast, you can add pre-recorded intro’s and outro’s from just a click of a button.

Long Tail Keywords Generator

All online campaigns depend on the quality of the longtail keywords used. Live Stream alpha uses 3 key elements to longtail buyer keywords and combines them to produce many variations of the keyword. By a simple click, you can add these longtail keyword variations into your titles and video descriptions allowing you to rank higher and dominate your niche.

Web 2.0 Video Embeds

A one-click web 2.0 feature has been added to live stream alpha. Web 2.0 allows you to build many accounts within minutes using video embed codes of your live stream. Posts can then be generated for your live video streaming.

Bulk uploading and Video spinning

This is a very useful feature for anyone who wants to rank their video without using backlinks. Bulk uploading and Video spinning help you define hundreds of phrases, pick YouTube channels and upload many different sized videos of the same video with different phrases and unique thumbnails for each. All this happens with just one click of the button.

Auto Scheduling

This is another very useful feature for marketers who run multiple campaigns. Live stream alpha has an autopilot mode; it is a simplified SEO optimization tool that allows you to post videos as specific set times. It will spin the titles and descriptions and add different thumbnails to every video uploaded; this makes every video unique and boots rankings.

Expired Domain Finder

This SEO feature searches for through YouTube for domains that are no longer in use but with high traffic or rankings. Most of these domains are available for purchase for as cheap as $10. With this tool, you no longer have to build your domains from scratch and you get to use all that time for something else.

Pros and Cons

Pros of Live Stream Alpha SEO optimization tool

• Live Stream Alpha still gets updates from the developer Anthony Hayes and co
• Most of the tools save a lot of time with the one-click feature

Cons of Live Stream Alpha SEO optimization tool

• In order to be able to use other features of this SEO optimization tool, you need to go through some tutorials but the good thing is you do not have to watch the whole series, you can refer to the section that concerns your current task.

The Bottom Line

Live stream alpha does a great job of optimizing pre-recorded videos so they can rank high on YouTube, Daily Motion and Facebook Live.

Learn More About Live Stream Alpha an SEO Optimization Tool



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