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Building a mailing list is one of the most successful ways to earn money on the internet. Building a mailing list is in fact a must-have for every internet marketer! Unfortunately, many people struggle to build a ‘lists’ and waste so much money on them. In this article I will tell extensively that how you can successfully build their own mailing list.

Note: This article contains a lot of inside tips and tricks. Maybe it’s all about what is advanced, trying to put across here. Building a mailing list is not technical and difficult. It’s actually extremely easy; you just have to know how. So do not get discouraged and follow my instructions.


To build a mailing list you must of course have the ability to send newsletters to your members. You cannot do without a mail provider.

A mail carrier is like a service that ensures that you can collect email addresses and emails you send to your members. Additionally, you can set up auto responders with a lot of mail providers (send automatic emails) and look closely to your stats.

There are several mail providers on the market, including:

  • Aweber
  • MailChimp
  • GetResponse
  • iContact

Of course there are many more, but the above are actually the best known and most widely used. Most mail providers, you can try free for about a month. So test to know what works the best and which offer the opportunities you need.

When you choose a mail provider which you want to test, it’s time to set the mail service provider properly. This works with any mail provider. The point is that you make a list where you get members to stand up. So people register on your site (or anywhere else), and will then be on your email list.

The reason why you should make a list is because you can let people sign up for different things. So you can let people register for a free webinar, or a free e-book.

Have you created a list? Then you’re ready for the next step.


People come on your mailing list when you have integrated an opt-in form on your website. An opt-in form sees to it that people can easily sign up.

Through your mail provider, you can often use a code that you can place on your website. When you put this code on your website, a simple opt-in form will appear where people can leave their name and email address, they end up on your email list (of course after they have confirmed their registration).

The trick to successfully build a mailing list is to give something away when people sign up. Nobody is going to include register for a boring “newsletter”, people want a good reason to sign up.

How to make it attractive? I will tell later in this article.

When you have got the opt-in code from your mail provider, you can make integrate it easily on your (WordPress integration) website. All you have to do is just paste the code where you want it. A good place to do this is in right Wordpress widgets.

The point is that you opt in striking form. Don’t put it somewhere in a dark corner of your website, but let it stand so that people see it easily. It would be a shame if no one would sign up for your newsletter because it does not stand out well.

Your conversion rate will increase tremendously if you use a good opt-in page. Find out how you can make a good opt-in page: create opt-in page.


As I have said above, even though people will not just sign up for a “newsletter”, people want to have a reason for their name and email address when they leave.

Build your mailing list, you can also do this by giving something away; a present.

When people sign up for your newsletter, they receive a gift from you.

I do this at first to give a good reason to sign up, but also to provide much valuable information. In addition, it helps your expert status as well.

You can think of to get these ‘gifts’:

  • Free e-book
  • free video
  • Access to secret pages on your website
  • An exclusive offer

The most common “gift” is a free e-book. I myself use this too and I recommend definitely to do so. Of course you can also use the other examples; the point is that people just get some offers additional value.


If all is well you now know how to build a mailing list broadly. Join a mail provider and let people sign up by giving a free gift.


To help you even further on the road, I put some useful tips below that will help you to more quickly build your mailing list.

  • Create a nice e-cover for your e-book
  • You will find that people do sign up, but sometimes not confirm their registration. This can be prevented by a nice “thank you page set up” illustrating what are the next steps.
  • Use friendly colors. A green or orange download button gives the best results
  • Put yourself in the visitor, use logon buttons like “Yeah! Send My Free E-Book Now! “
  • Being valuable ; shows that you are an expert in your field

When you use these tips you will undoubtedly quickly build a good mailing list. The important thing is that you offer relevant and valuable information.

Do you have any questions? Or is something not clear? Please let me in the comments below!


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