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Anyone who tries to make money online is always on the lookout for new and better products to help them make sales and gain profits. That is where the obsession of websites and landing pages came from, but more products have been developed to make marketing online and sales much simpler. Russell Brunson and his team have developed a product that bypasses the need for websites and landing pages. The product they developed is called ClickFunnels, it is an innovative marketing tool that yields big results with very little effort on the user’s end.

ClickFunnels is a website building platform that allows online marketers to create from one place, a complete website with sales funnels and point of sales without the need to code or design from scratch. The platform provides everything needed to make sales online without the traditional hustle of coding and developing, it helps you set up multiple funnels for different marketing online campaigns just by clicking some buttons, dragging and dropping.

How Does This Online Marketing Tool Work?

ClickFunnels begins by setting up your sales funnels. Sales funnels are the steps or stages that potential clients go through from the time they land on your site until they make a purchase. The funnels are complete with mailing lists, product pages and checkout pages. Users have the option of using pre-existing funnels which they can customize to make their own, or build a completely new funnel from scratch using the drag and drop functions available on the program.

Each funnel that you setup is made up with at least one step, you can add multiple steps as you see fit according to your marketing strategy. So in simple terms, the program allows you to make a normal landing page for a product then add on to that page some add-ons to help with the online marketing and eventually convert the visitors into buyers. Part of the add-ons that ClickFunnels provides is the automatic email list compilation which can be added on to the funnel that you create. Since ClickFunnels doesn’t limit you to the number of steps or pages that you can add on to the funnel, you can add more steps in accordance with your marketing online plan.

When you have set up your funnels, squeeze pages and various add-ons, you can integrate various payment processing services that come with the program so you can easily complete your sales funnels.

In addition, the pages built using ClickFunnels can be tweaked to include analytics tools for insight information and statistics concerning your visitors and marketing online trends.

Learn More About ClickFunnels Online Marketing Tool

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Major Features of ClickFunnels

The following features sets ClickFunnels  apart from other similar programs:

  • Easy to use editor

Everything you do on ClickFunnels is done via the easy to use smart editor. You do not need to have programming or design knowledge to be able to use the editor, it is designed so that all users basic or experienced can be able to use it and build funnels within minutes. The interface uses a click and drag function, the building process happens in real time, meaning all the changes you make you can see them happen live. You can also move around the objects you place on the interface to position them exactly where you want them.

  • Automated messages

You can set up messages in response to potential customers who fill out your forms.

  • Automatic email capturing

You can add capture funnels to build real mailing lists from the visitors that land on your pages.

  • Building membership sites

ClickFunnels provides a function to keep track of your customers and turn them into customers by providing them with membership options.

  • Design custom forms

There is a function to design and install custom forms so you can collect all the information you need from your clients. This information can be very useful in tweaking and be bettering your marketing strategies.

How much does it cost?

ClickFunnels is available with a free 14-day trial, after which you can choose any one of the following packages:

  • $96/month ClickFunnels plan for 20k monthly visits, 20 funnels, 100 pages, 3 domains, and core features
  • $297/month Etison Suite for unlimited visits, funnels, pages, and domains, email list tools, Backpack and Actionetics apps, and priority support

Pros and Cons

Pros of ClickFunnels Marketing Online Tool:

  • The funnels created with the program are very efficient and saves a lot of time that would have been sent to programming and designing
  • The smart editor is one of the highlights of the platform
  • The live interface is a major hit among users

Cons of ClickFunnels Marketing Online Tool:

  • Many users feel like there could have been more pricing packages for purchasing the program.

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The Bottom Line

For anyone who has ever thought of getting into online marketing, this program helps simplify things and get you started. It is also useful to people who have been working online for a while as it saves you a lot of time that can be spent looking into other ventures.


Learn More About ClickFunnels

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