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Alpha Sentai is an SEO online marketing tools suite developed by Anthony Hayes and his team. These tools vary in function but they all work towards the same goal, that is to improve online presence, visibility and ultimately dominate marketing niches. This suite of tools has been available for a while now but the latest updates have turned it into fantastic an SEO solution that can improve your marketing position with very little effort on your part.

This SEO online marketing tools suite is comprised of different tools like Live Stream Alpha, Video Synd Alpha, Vid Attack Alpha, Optimization alpha and more. All these tools have different functions and purposes but when used together the result is absolutely amazing and worth checking out.

Let us look at the main SEO online marketing tools individually:


Live stream alpha is the latest addition to the Alpha Sentai SEO tools suite, it uses live streaming of pre-recorded videos to engage the audience on different video platform websites like YouTube, Facebook, and Daily Motion. This tool helps improve video ranks, with Live Stream Alpha you can:

  • Host YouTube, Daily Motion and Facebook Live Events

Make your YouTube events rank higher by using Live Stream Alpha, the tool allows you to rank your video without using backlinks and promote some of your products, all with the click of just one button via the Live Stream Alpha dashboard.

The tool increases video ranking by generating unique and effective longtail keywords and shortened URLs for the video being broadcasted. The tool uses RSS Xtreme to mash up many YouTube URLs into one highly ranking shortened URL.

The tool also has an auto-scheduling feature that allows you to manage multi-video campaigns. Other features include:

  • Expired domain finder
  • Amazon affiliate tools
  • Traffic redirect tools
  • Video spinning


Video Synd is one of the most popular of the Alpha Sentai SEO tools. Basically, the software allows you to syndicate videos to multiple video sharing sites and add SEO optimization add-ons like silos, link wheels, and auto indexing. A longtail keyword generator tool can also be integrated with Video Synd to allow you to get ahead in your relevant niche. Adding all these features is easy, there is a checkbox where you simply check to add your preferred SEO options.

This is a very powerful tool for marketers who run multi video sharing campaigns, you can easily syndicate your videos to predefined multiple video sharing sites with just a click of a button.


Vid Attack Alpha is another powerful SEO tool from the Alpha Sentai suite. It helps increase click through rates search sites like Google and YouTube. From the tool’s dashboard, you can use the high retention settings to directly increase your video views and boost your campaign.

Using Vid attack alpha, you can:

  • Increase Click Through Rates On Google and YouTube Search Engines
  • Increase High Retention Video Views with your own choice of settings
  • Increase High Retention for blogs and vlogs
  • Increase Video and Blog rankings


Optimization alpha is the perfect tool needed for SEO video optimization, especially for YouTube videos. This SEO solution is packed with useful functionalities like one-click video translations, easy closed caption edits and a headline and description optimizer. It is also possible to use Optimization Alpha to optimize video tags so your videos can rank higher on YouTube search.

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Pros and Cons 

Pros of Alpha Sentai All-in SEO Online Marketing Tools Suite:

  • The monthly subscription option is perfect for anyone who wants to try out the SEO tools before any long term commitments.
  • The tools get constant updates
  • Effective video ranking improvements

Cons Pros of Alpha Sentai All-in SEO Online Marketing Tools Suite:

  • The different tools do not share the same dashboard, each tool has its own interface and dashboard which makes it a bit inconvenient

The Bottom Line

For any marketer who is running video campaigns and webinars, the Alpha Sentai is a solid SEO solution that definitely improves online presence and ranking. The $47 per month subscription is a fair price to use all the tools in this suite.

Get Your Alpha Sentai Now! The All-in SEO Online Marketing Tool 

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